How to choose the best diamond shape

Posted on: 9/7/2017 1:57 PM

There are 10 basic diamond shapes out there namely princess, round, cushion, emerald, Asscher, pear, radiant, heart, oval, and marquise. Whether looking for diamonds in Sydney or diamonds in Melbourne in order to find the shape that fits you, you need to know the difference and qualities of the shapes.

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The Four Cs of Choosing the Perfect Diamond

Posted on: 9/7/2017 1:39 PM

Whether you’re looking at jewellery for an engagement, wedding, or anniversary, diamonds are the perfect choice. Timeless and elegant, they are the most popular centerpiece for any jewellery, and they are lasting and very durable.

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Posted on: 8/1/2017 2:15 PM

Cerrones 45th Anniversary

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How to choose the perfect engagement ring?

Posted on: 8/16/2016 11:25 AM

For men with limited knowledge or experience of jewellery, finding the perfect engagement ring can be a real challenge. It’s the ultimate symbol of the love for your girlfriend, and something that she will treasure forever. Often there is an immense pressure on the guy’s part to ‘get it right’ so choosing the right jeweller for your engagement ring is crucial.

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Four Reasons Why Custom Jewellery Is So Special

Posted on: 6/16/2016 11:18 AM

People love jewellery not because of the price tag but because of what they represent - love, passion, or gratitude. Every piece of jewel becomes priceless because of the memories they invoke - an engagement ring for a happy day, a restored earring heirloom for ancestral legacy, or a necklace from Dad on a daughter’s debut.

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Embrace the Night with Tanzanite

Posted on: 5/20/2016 10:23 AM

The violet blue is often considered one of the most extravagant available. Tanzanite is immaculate and symbolises an unusual elegance in comparison to other gems. The usual purchaser of this unique gemstone wants to stand out from the crowd. Wearing Tanzanite means to communicate confidence and individualism. The somewhat magical colour of a perfectly cut Tanzanite is not only attractive to a young woman, but also emphasizes the individuality of a mature woman.

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Celebrate with the Carmela Cerrone Collection

Posted on: 4/26/2016 11:16 AM

Celebrate your mother with the stunning Carmela Cerrone Collection. A collection that truly captures the essence of all women. Created with the understanding that the 21st century woman craves jewellery that not only reflects who she is, but has the versatility to carry her from day to night no matter the occasion. Carmela’s love for colour and beauty is truly reflected throughout this exquisite collection.

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Diamond Fever at the Brownlows

Posted on: 11/1/2015 8:50 AM


For the first time the AFL Brownlow’s and NRL Dally M’s shared their night of nights ahead of the huge double Grand Final football weekend.

It was an epic evening where Sydney and Melbourne went heel to heel on the red carpet and CERRONE, Australia’s fist true luxury jewellery house, shone bright!

In Melbourne, Nadia Bartel wore a blush coloured Paolo Sebastian dress, accompanied beautifully by CERRONE diamond studs and a diamond-encrusted cocktail ring.

Model and partner of Sydney Swans’ Jarrad McVeigh, Clementine McVeigh donned an exquisite Monique Lhuillier dress paired with breathtaking CERRONE white gold Kunzite and diamond drop earrings and dress rings.

Charlotte Goodlet, wore a blush coloured embellished Steven Khalil dress with CERRONE rose gold and diamond drop earrings and a matching rose gold and diamond ring.

In the Sydney corner, Miss Universe Australia 2011, Tegan Martin wore a black billowing skirt and white shirt with a fine CERRONE diamond bracelet.

Sally Inglis, wife of Rabbitohs captain Greg Inglis, sported a white gold Australian opal, black and white diamond necklace.

The Fox Sports dream team consisting of Lara Pitt, Louise Ransome, Laura Geitz and Tara Rushton all sported CERRONE on the red carpet.

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Cerrone Supporting Australian Charities

Posted on: 10/1/2015 8:50 AM

Yearly, Cerrone is committed to a wide variety of charity work. So far, this year Cerrone has supported the following and assisted in raising over $10million for Australian charities.

'We are a proud Australian family owned business and honoured to give back to the Australian community. The community who has been extremely supportive of the Cerrone brand for over 42 years in business,' - Nicola Cerrone, Managing Director

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Shimmering pearls + Sparkling Champagne

Posted on: 10/1/2015 8:50 AM

Shimmering pearls

A unique and undeniably precious gem, the pearl offers a soft warm glow to winter whites. Bringing qualities of peace and purity, we're honouring this elegantly understated gift of nature through June and July.

Please join us for a glass of champagne and to view the exquisite Cerrone pearl collection at our Martin Place boutique.

To schedule a private appointment please email or phone 02 9232 6186

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