Buying a Diamond Ring

Buying a Diamond Ring


"The Four C's" is a term commonly used when discussing diamonds. It refers to the four most important attributes of a diamond – Carat weight, Colour, Clarity and Cut. It is these characteristics alone that determine a diamonds quality and value.


Buying a Diamond Ring


Diamond rings are one of the most significant purchases you will invest in. Cerrone offers a beautiful range of jewellery and diamond rings, to suit all tastes and occasions. For the best quality diamond rings in Australia, book a consultation today

When it comes to faultless diamond engagement rings, both Australian and international clients have relied on Cerrone jewellery. We offer a high-value service and stunning artisan designs that will perfectly capture your love and commitment.

Cerrone takes great pride in the quality of all diamond engagement rings, and tailor designs to match the unique requirements of customers. The high-calibre of our diamonds is evident in the continual satisfaction of customers and our growing reputation as the leading designer of diamond rings in Australia.

Cerrone has received many international awards for the quality and cut of our diamonds – so we can guarantee satisfaction with every ring we sell.

Our diamond rings are worn by many high-profile celebrities, who choose our diamonds for their timeless design and long-lasting finish. Cerrone are globally-recognised for the distinction of our diamonds, and offer the most unique diamond engagement rings.

Cerrone will have the perfect solution

Cerrone offer a dependable customer service and reliable advice to anyone looking for diamond rings. Our friendly team will take the time to show you our entire range, determining a ring that suits your situation and budget.

Cerrone are the experts in diamonds, and will ensure you feel no pressure when choosing a ring. Diamonds are an investment that should be chosen carefully – and we will do all we can to help you make the right decision.

How can I choose the perfect ring?

We are one of the largest workshops within Australia, and produce the highest-quality diamond rings. We offer customers expert advice and consider your situation, personality and tastes in order to determine the best solution.

Don’t settle for anything but the best. When it comes to high-quality diamond rings, Cerrone can offer exactly what you have in mind. Order our free catalogue today or visit one of our many locations to find the perfect gift.

Where are your stores located?

We have one of the largest ranges of diamond rings, with four convenient store locations.