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Whether you’re looking at jewellery for an engagement, wedding, or anniversary, diamonds are the perfect choice. Timeless and elegant, they are the most popular centerpiece for any jewellery, and they are lasting and very durable.

When shopping for diamond jewellery in Sydney, Melbourne or online you should remember the four Cs – Carat, Colour, Clarity, and Cut. These considerations will help you find the ideal diamond piece for you or your loved one.


Most people who are shopping for diamonds in Sydney or Melbourne will first consider the size, because this is the most visually apparent characteristic of the gem. Carat refers to the unit of weight, although it is also used to estimate the diamond’s size. One carat is equal to 200 mg.

Each carat is subdivided into 100 points to allow accurate measurements. Your jeweler may refer to the weight of the diamond by one carat through points. For example, a 0.50 carat diamond can be referred to as a fifty pointer. If the weight is higher than one carat, it will be referred in carats plus decimals. Hence, a 1.10 carat diamond will be described as “one point ten carats.

Basically, the higher the carat, the higher the price as larger diamonds are rare. But take note that two diamonds of equal carats may still have different prices depending on other factors – colour, clarity, and cut.


The colour of a diamond has a significant effect on its appearance, and of course its price. The best quality – the colourless diamond – can reflect light into a spectrum of hues, which is a trait that is referred to as “fire”. The hint of colour in a diamond will reduce its fire. Diamond pieces with lower colour grades usually cannot show the same fire and luminosity as those with higher grades the most desirable, and thus most valuable diamonds have no detectable color.

The international grading scale for diamond colour starts at D (colourless) and ends with Z (light yellow colour). It can be difficult to distinguish the colour of the diamond when viewed face up. Hence, expert jewelers usually assess the diamond pieces facedown against a white light surface.

Some people think that only colourless diamonds can emit brilliant fire. But the fact is, even a faint yellow diamond can still be highly luminous if the cut is well-defined, even though the tinge of colour will definitely decrease its value.


Clarity grade refers to the transparency grade of the diamond, which is evaluated by assessing the blemishes and inclusions, or lack thereof. A diamond will have a higher grade if it has less blemishes and inclusions.

Blemishes are the result of wear or polishing the diamond, while inclusions are natural part of the diamond’s creation. Blemishes are normally found on the surface of the diamond, while inclusions are found deep within the gem.

More often than not, blemishes and inclusions are too small to spot using our naked eye. Professional jewelers in Australia use 10x magnification, which is an industry standard to grade the diamond’s clarity. The lowest grade is I1 to 13, which means that there are noticeable inclusions without magnification and the diamonds are considered fair. On the other hand, the most valuable grade is FL or Flawless, which means that there is no internal or surface blemish in the gem.


Another important aspect to take a closer look when you are shopping for a diamond in Melbourne or Sydneyis the cut that affects the scintillation, fire, and brilliance of the gem. The diamond will look lifeless and dull if the cut and the workmanship is poor. The cut is easier to assess if you are looking into round diamonds. If you wish a fancy shape diamond, the cut grade can be more subjective. If you are shopping for an engagement ring or wedding band, we recommend round brilliant diamonds with super ideal or at least ideal cut grade.

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