03.07.2020 - UPDATES

The Month of the Ruby

The ruby is known as the king of gems, promoting love, wisdom and prosperity.  Celebrated as the birthstone for the month of July , the opulent gemstones were obtained and worn by Emperors and kings to reaffirm status and class.  Colour is the most important feature of this desired gem, available in a range of hues from blush to red.  The ultimate being referred to as deep red or Pigeon blood.

Ruby Vs Rubellite

There is often confusion between ruby and rubellite gemstones.  To note, they are not the same.  A rubellite is a semi precious gem stemming from the tourmaline family. The colour ranges from from pink to beautiful crimson. Bracelet Ref A2371

18ct white gold ruby & diamond ring.18ct white gold 4.36ct oval shaped rubelite and diamond ring

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