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Viewing 1–12 of 63 products

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover how the world’s most precious and rarest materials are forged into a myriad of gorgeous wedding rings to suit your taste and preferences. Our beautiful hand-crafted Cerrone wedding rings are the ultimate symbol of the eternal bond between you and your partner. Browse our wide selection of hand-crafted wedding rings and join the Cerrone family today.

With unlimited appointments, your personal consultant will continue to be with you every step of the way through your bespoke journey. These steps involve assisting you with quoting, designing and sketching, gold work and the final presentation of your desired wedder bands.

To proceed with both wedders, Cerrone will happily offer a package deal pricing to all loyal Cerrone clients along with complimentary engraving. We require a 30% deposit to proceed with the making of your wedders at our workshop; please allow 3-4 weeks.

Our boutiques showcase a wonderful display of bespoke wedders and all new and existing clients are warmly welcomed. For further information please contact one of our boutiques to make an appointment with our highly qualified consultants to assist you with your bespoke wedder bands.

Whether your wedder is a perfect match or completely mismatched, this is entirely up to the client. Our consultants will take the time to advise and provide an extensive array of design options and concepts to compliment your engagement ring in the most breathtaking way.

Heads down and sketch pads out – it is time to be creative! This what Cerrone is known for, our professional designers will go over and beyond and Cerrone is more than up for the challenge to create a fitted wedder to compliment your engagement ring beautifully. To proceed with the making of your fitted wedder, our workshop will require your engagement ring during the process to ensure all fits perfectly.

Yes absolutely, complimentary engraving is offered to all clients that proceed with their wedder bands to designed and made by Cerrone exclusively. Engraving non-Cerrone pieces will incur a fee starting from $30.00.

Complimentary cleaning and polishing is provided annually for all wedder bands made by Cerrone. Our consultants will inspect and assess your pieces at our boutiques and advise of any repairing necessary. Major repair work that is not included within our complimentary service will incur a fee accordingly.

The servicing of your pieces involves state of the art steam-cleaning, buffing, polishing, rhodium plating (if white gold) and a thorough overall assessment. This is to ensure that your pieces are assessed on a regular basis and to prevent any potential issues.

We encourage all Cerrone clients to take advantage of this outstanding service to maintain your pieces for their entire existence and upon collection, you will be amazed – every time! For all jewellery servicing, please allow 2-3 working days. For major repair work, our highly qualified consultants will advise a timeframe accordingly.

The diamond solitaire is considered to be the most popular style of wedding ring today. It refers to any diamond ring that holds one single diamond on the band.

It isn’t necessary that your engagement ring and wedding rings should match. Your wedding ring can be of different designs and materials so long as they compliment each other. If you are unsure about ring designs, please book in a consultation and we will help you match the perfect rings.

A wedding ring’s cost depends on the materials and the intricacies involved in its crafting. At Cerrone, we have a wide range of wedding rings to suit all budgets. Our staff are able to work with you and your partner to find, customise and carefully craft the perfect wedding ring to suit your needs.

Browse our wide range of Cerrone wedding rings through our website. Additionally, you can browse or make a purchase for a Cerrone wedding ring by visiting either one of our stores in Sydney or Melbourne.

We at Cerrone recommend to insure your bespoke wedder bands. Please contact one of our boutiques for further information.