Argyle Pink Diamonds

Cerrone jewellery is crafted from an exquisite blend of white diamonds and natural Australian pink diamonds. Sourced from the rugged East Kimberly region in Western Australia, these rare diamonds are a gift of exclusivity.


A new standard of luxury

Argyle pink diamonds are a symbol of luxury and sophistication. Cerrone houses some of the world’s rarest and most precious pink diamonds in the world. They are limited edition as pink diamond production has come to an end.

In 37 years, the Argyle mine in Western Australia has produced 865 million carats of rough diamonds which became the source of about 90% of the world’s pink diamonds.

In November 2020 the mine officially closed.

A new chapter has now begun…  Argyle has now begun as they start the process of respectfully closing the mine and rehabilitating the land back to their traditional custodians. The mine will likely be transformed into a place where trees and wildlife can grow, a major environmental procedure that will take years to complete.

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The selection for the Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier jewellers and trade partners is a vigorous and considered process. It is a laurel and privilege to be a member of this exclusive network.

Being a Select Atelier indicates that a brand has a direct relationship with Argyle Pink Diamonds and is among the finest at their craft.


Colour grading

There are three important factors to understanding the colour of pink diamonds: hue, tone and saturation.


The dominant colour of the diamond


The amount of light or darkness in the diamond


The strength of hue

While clarity and carat weight ordinarily impact on the value of white diamonds, these characteristics are less of a consideration in the value determination of Argyle pink diamonds, with the focus instead being on colour and cut.



The value of rarity is one of the most significant factors in today’s diamond, gemstone and jewelry market. Being unparalleled in its quality and beauty as well as being in limited supply builds both dreams and desires.

To own a precious Argyle pink diamond is to experience a sense of timelessness, cradled in the palm, which is almost impossible to express in words.


The value of rarity is one of the most significant factors in today’s diamond, gemstone and jewellery market, building dreams and desire, driving prices and demand.

It is our quest at Cerrone as select Argyle Diamond Ateliers to share this rarity with you, giving you the opportunity to invest in these truly unique and precious diamonds.

From the moment a rough Argyle pink diamond is unearthed until the time it is offered for purchase as a polished stone, the definitive collectable is upheld by professional vigilance and dedicated care.

The distribution of Argyle pink diamonds that are not sold through the annual tender is rightfully managed until it reaches its final owner. These diamonds are sold as loose polished diamonds throughout the year.

A group of master craftsmen known as Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Ateliers and Authorised Partners have been appointed to ensure all market initiatives are in support of the standards of care and chain of custody that are set from the mine discovery to the acquisition of finished fine jewellery or polished diamonds.

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