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Viewing 1–12 of 32 products

Choose the Perfect Diamond and Gold Bangles

The perfect diamond charm bracelets or bangles are durable enough for everyday wear and have a style you love. Cerrone offers many different styles and colours of diamond bracelets and bangles available. Enjoy many benefits by choosing from our wide variety of jewellery collections, such as the 18ct white gold back anklets, sterling silver bracelets, rose gold bangle, or one with an ornate design on it for more flair!

Buy Diamond & Gold Bangles Australia

Buy diamond and gold bangles online from Cerrone for an elegant look that is both stylish and practical! Our bangles are made with precious metals and quality materials to ensure the longevity of the piece. Experience the best customer service when you shop our wide range of jewellery collections online or in-store at one of our many locations.

Made with Love and Passion

From imagining the unimaginable to creating it, we are constantly pushing boundaries and innovating in their field with dedication like no other company can match. Their artisans include diamond setters, jewellers, and polishers who work together for high standards of craftsmanship – guaranteed by each individual’s specialty role on this team!

Cerrone creates the most unique and elegant pieces, with a focus on quality. We only use diamonds for our artistry because we are able to provide an unrivaled level of craftsmanship that will leave you speechless!

Shop Now at Cerrone!

Invest in your future! Cerrone creates pieces that are innovative and unique in design, but also simple to use. Don’t let it pass by and choose a diamond necklace that will remind you of your style and all the good times, no matter what happens throughout life.

With our wide range of designs available online at Cerrone Jewellers including white gold, rose gold, and colour reset blue bangles with a single impressive-looking diamond suspended from them – there’s something for everyone who wants their own piece worth sharing forever.