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Viewing 1–12 of 267 products

Frequently Asked Questions

Keep in mind the 4Cs (carat, colour, clarity, and cut) when purchasing diamonds. These parameters reflect the quality and value of diamonds you will choose. Our professional jewellers can help you in choosing the diamonds that would fit your budget.

Your diamond earrings would last longer if you take care of them. You can use warm water and soap to clean your jewellery. However, it’s still best to have them professionally cleaned and polished twice a year to maintain their sparkle, symmetry, and overall condition.

Perhaps showing you our wide range of diamond earrings designs can refresh your mind about the kind of earrings you want. Consider your personal taste, comfort, and facial proportions when choosing your earrings.

Cerrone specialises in bespoke jewellery so, yes, you can have whatever detail you want for your earrings. We can discuss your options and customisations so that it meets your budget.

Diamond earrings can be set in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. Any metal will be ideal to use for earrings since earrings are not prone to scratches and won’t need repolishing now and then.

Coloured diamonds have gained popularity over the years, especially to give the classic stud earrings a chic look. Pink, yellow, blue, and purple diamonds have become available in a lot of jewellery markets. Other ways to incorporate colours to your diamond earrings are by adding coloured gemstones that are more vivid and coloured metals like rose gold and yellow gold.

A pair of diamond stud earrings is one of the best-selling earrings of all times. The classic round shape can go with anything, day or night, and they can be worn by people of all ages.

Yes, heavy earrings can be a great inconvenience, especially for people with sensitive ears and those with earring holes that are very low on the earlobe. Huge and heavy diamond earrings can be too much for your ears to handle. Consider using smaller, discreet ones like diamond studs or large earrings with minimal stones.

There is no ideal size of diamond earrings to wear. Just take into consideration your budget, style, body built, and ear size so that your earrings complement your visuals. Get a diamond size that you would perfectly be comfortable wearing.

Buy Earrings Online in Australia

Earrings are, to a woman, an essential piece of jewellery. The right pair of earrings will put a woman’s natural beauty into focus, enhancing the charm she already possesses.

Cerrone carries the finest quality earrings that will match your style and facial contours while keeping you confident no matter the occasion.

Purchase online today and we’ll make sure you get the service you deserve. We ship to customers in Sydney, Melbourne and other parts of Australia and the world.

Gold & Diamond Earrings

From rose & white gold earrings to diamond earrings with coloured gemstones, we have something to complete your ensemble. Get your eyes on our diamond stud earrings for starters. With their classic round shape and stunning finish, you’ll set the tone for any day or night.

Customised Earrings

Not sure what type of earrings is right for you? Cerrone specialises in bespoke jewellery. That means we can customise a pair of earrings to your design preference, comfort and budget. Reach out to us today so we can discuss your options and requirements.