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Viewing 1–12 of 56 products

Frequently Asked Questions

Cerrone believes that relationships are as precious as life itself. That sacred bond should be matched by a symbolic engagement ring that can be characterised with timeless elegance, superior craftsmanship, and undeniable value. Browse our wide selection of hand-crafted engagement rings and join the Cerrone family today.

With unlimited appointments, your personal diamond consultant will be with you every step of the way through your bespoke journey, we are at your service. These steps involve assisting you with diamond knowledge, quoting, designing and sketching, gold work and the final presentation of your ideal engagement ring.

To proceed with your desired choice of diamond and ring design, we require a 30% deposit to secure your diamond on your behalf and proceed with the making of your ring at our workshop. For bespoke engagement rings to be made, please allow 3-4 weeks.

Our boutiques showcase a wonderful display of bespoke engagement rings designed and made by Cerrone exclusively. For further information please contact one of our boutiques to make an appointment with our highly qualified diamond consultants to assist you with your bespoke engagement ring.

For centuries, diamonds have held their status as the most durable and sought after gemstone known to man. Diamonds possess properties that no other gemstone can match equally, including their resistance to abrasion, brilliance (brightness), fire (flashes of colour) and scintillation (sparkle).

Today, coloured gemstones (that are durable enough to withstand everyday wear) are increasing in popularity as the centre stone for engagement rings; the most common coloured gemstone being blue Ceylonese sapphires.

We look forward to assisting you with finding the perfect gemstone of your choice!

Our professional and dedicated consultants are highly qualified in diamond and gemstone knowledge – your trust in us is everything. With limitless appointments, quoting and personalised stone selections offered exclusively at your favour, we at Cerrone will strive to achieve the best possible value within your price point for your ideal diamond or gemstone based on your specified requirements.

An engagement ring is the ultimate sign of love and companionship. It is given to your partner as you are about to propose. The engagement ring represents a sacred commitment to your partner, symbolising a life-time of devotion, love and happiness.

The use of diamonds in crafting engagment rings rose to popularity during the 1940s when advertising campaigns were mobilised by a jewellery company that had been mining diamonds in Africa. The success of these campaigns are still felt til today and has infused itself within our society and traditions.

To prevent ruining the surprise, our workshop will happily proceed with making your bespoke engagement ring to a standard finger size prior to your proposal.

Once you have proposed to your partner with your beautiful bespoke engagement ring handmade by Cerrone, please re-visit your personal consultant with your fiancé to adjust the finger size accordingly.

The cost of bespoke engagement rings vary due to the different materials and style that our clients choose. Comparatively, bespoke rings cost a little bit higher than mass-produced rings.

Complimentary cleaning and polishing is provided annually for all engagement rings made by Cerrone. Our consultants will inspect and assess your pieces at our boutiques and advise of any repairing necessary. Major repair work that is not included within our complimentary service will incur a fee accordingly.

The servicing of your pieces involves state of the art steam-cleaning, buffing, polishing, rhodium plating (if white gold) and a thorough overall assessment. This is to ensure that your pieces are assessed on a regular basis and to prevent any potential issues.

We encourage all Cerrone clients to take advantage of this outstanding service to maintain your pieces for their entire existence and upon collection, you will be amazed – every time! For all jewellery servicing, please allow 2-3 working days. For major repair work, our highly qualified consultants will advise a timeframe accordingly.

Browse our wide range of Cerrone engagement rings through our website. Additionally, you can browse or make a purchase a Cerrone engagement ring by visiting either one of our stores in Sydney or Melbourne.

We at Cerrone strongly recommend to insure your bespoke engagement ring. Please contact one of our boutiques for further information.

Buy Engagement Rings Online

For decades, engagement rings are used to symbolise the next step of a relationship. Couples often hunt for the perfect engagement ring, carefully choosing the cut, finish, and design as it is a symbol of commitment and the strengthening of their love. Cerrone carries only the best quality of jewellery to help you commemorate this special chapter in your love story.

Create the perfect engagement ring design

When choosing the perfect engagement ring, it’s important to select it based on your loved ones’ style preferences and if possible, based on their idea of a dream ring.

There are many options you can choose for an engagement ring, from classic diamond rings to opulent gold engagement rings. Some couples might even go the extra step and design their wedding bands to match with their engagement ring.

Our classic diamond engagement rings come in a variety of design, with the likes of cushion cut, solitaire, and oval engagement rings. The beauty of these diamond rings is further elevated with intricate and elegant designs like elements of rose gold, halos, and more.

Your perfect ring awaits with Cerrone

With Cerrone, you can browse our wide range of jewellery collection and buy engagement ring online without the hassle of visiting a store. The availability of our rings depends on the diamonds or gemstones that you prefer and to buy a diamond ring online might not come easy to some. So, if you have a bespoke jewellery design in mind, give us a chat and we will happily assist you.