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Viewing 1–12 of 42 products

Buy Pendant Online in Australia

Add a timeless piece of jewellery into your collection. At Cerrone, we seek to create classic pieces that will serve you well for a lifetime. Take our charming pendants for example. We carry a wide range of handcrafted pieces that will go well with anything in your wardrobe.

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Diamond & Gold Pendants

The kind of pendant you wear can reflect your personality. Make sure it counts by wearing any of the pendants from Cerrone to express your individual style and creative integrity.

Don’t know what type of pendant works well with a specific attire or occasion? Ask us for some expert advice.

Wide Selection of Pendants

Crucifix pendant, diamond pendant, gold cross pendant and more—we have everything from everyday jewellery to statement pieces. Give yourself a cohesive look with the perfect accessory to add flair to your outfit.

Our pendants are available in a variety of colours, namely white gold, rose gold and yellow gold, among others.